A new social challenge for TAAB Cleaning Inc.!

TAAB Cleaning Inc. was present at the 1st Senior’s 50+ Event in Vaughan!

Mrs. VERONICA SAURO, founder of Ronnie’s Health Care Services, and Mrs. MALAK SIDKY, president of Health Care Event Planning for Help, created the first Senior’s Event in Vaughan.

This event is intended to accompany and guide them in their daily lives.

For this purpose, more than 50 vendors, gerontology experts and specialized service providers have responded!

And the Mayor of Vaughan, the Hon. Maurizio Bevilacqua was present for the opening of the event.

Statistics show that in the next 20 years,

the number of people aged 65 and over in Canada is expected to increase by 68%.

In 2016, the census put forward a figure of about 6.2 million Canadian seniors and plans to have more than 10.4 million by 2037.

A portrait of the population aged 85 and older in 2016 in Canada

We are all aware that there is an ageing population and that it is essential to take care of our seniors.

Our new challenge!

This is the challenge that our company TAAB Cleaning Inc. has set for itself by working on a new project and by creating a non-profit social Enterprise:

TAAB Community Care / TAAB Pour Tous which was created by Mrs. Assiatou Diallo after being aware of the challenges and problems the elderly people face in our community.

That’s why TAAB Community Care / TAAB Pour Tous will closely work with non-profit organizations to ensure the best possible outcome for advancing their projects.

What does TAAB Community Care/ TAAB Pour Tous bring to our Canadian seniors?

Our vision is simple: It will help seniors through community participation to lead a useful and peaceful life by offering free or very low-cost services to people with the least resources to help them especially in their daily household activities.

Again, thank you for this beautiful day, it was a wonderful organization. Also, our Sunday at your side was rich in human contact, we met great potential partners.

Challenge TAAB Cleaning
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We are starting for the second edition in 2019!

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