1- Office Cleaning Services

From experience we know that a clean work space improves the daily life of the staff and has positive effects on their productivity. As everyone touches computers, tables, doors, bathroom kitchen and everything, our mission here is to help reduce the spread of illness and infection by removing germs and bacteria that haunt your professional environment. This place requires thorough mopping, disinfecting, dusting, carpet or floor cleaning, window cleaning, trash removal, restrooms cleaning.

  • Flexible booking – Daily, weekly or monthly intervention or customize your own schedule
  • Personalized service – Add the Window and Carpet Deep cleaning service

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

2- Industrial Cleaning Services

Industrial workspaces are often subject to heavy employee traffic, dust, etc. …. Keeping these spaces clean and safe is a huge responsibility. Our trained professionals use industrial cleaning technologies that will help increase the productivity of your staff. This service includes: Cleaning floors, degreasing and cleaning the heavy equipment, cleaning restroom surfaces and common areas, cleaning industrial installations, walls and ceilings.
All our products are used with the utmost care to ensure that all government regulations are respected. Work safe stay clean!

3- Restaurant & bar Cleaning

The kitchen is one of the places where cleanliness must prevail! Both for your image and for the well-being of your employees and customers. Generally your customers will judge you after a short visit to the bathroom. Most of them will think that a dirty bathroom means dirty kitchen. For a job well done, it is better to focus on one task! Everyone in his specialty! Our: To make the space clean and welcoming both in room and kitchen. Choose us and earn a five-star rating for cleanliness!

On the menu: Floor and windows cleaning, bathrooms cleaning and disinfecting, work surfaces (planes) degreasing, dusting but also cleaning the ovens, the air ducts…

  • Add special Services – Floor and Windows Deep cleaning
  • Choose your schedule – Time and frequency

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

4-Retail Cleaning Services

Did you ever run away from a store after a ride in a fitting room? If not, you are one of the lucky ones on this planet. The image of a brand also passes through cleanliness! These kinds of space is subject to high traffic and that means more risk of catching infection from person to person. Getting rid of germs and spread of illness is vital. Our disinfecting products are powerful and highly effective for all types of surfaces. Do not search anymore! We take care of all kinds of businesses from small shops to shopping malls. Every day, the TAAB Cleaning Inc. team takes care of making your floors and windows shine, dusting off the furniture, cleaning the wear, emptying the garbage cans, storing the employees room and the storage room, cleaning the bathrooms and the kitchen. Choose us and we will put together a plan that will meet your needs for your types of spaces.


Clean facilities can differentiate your business from others and get more customers. Gym and fitness Centers are the ideal homes for bacteria and infectious germs. As many people touch sports facilities throughout the day, your space requires a professional cleaning Service. Bye dirty floors, smelly changing rooms and dirty facilities. Keep your customers’ trust! Call us now!

  • Help reduce the spread of infectious germs
  • Disinfect and clean your fitness facilities with ultra performant products

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

6- School Cleaning  Services

Public schools, private schools, colleges, universities our school cleaning program provide a healthy and safe environment for your students. We start cleaning early in the morning to welcome them in a clean space that promotes academic success. Unfortunately, school is one of the places where kids can catch many viruses. To help reduce the spread of germs and illness we use products that allow a radical elimination of bacteria. We guarantee to your institution a sense of security and trust by providing a complete insurance policy. Our school cleaning service is based on our experience with different schools and our ability in practices that maximize efficiency.

  • Help reduce the spread of infectious germs
  • Keep parents trust
  • School cleaning Program is adapted to each school