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As a resolute defender of the environment,

TAAB Cleaning Inc. uses 100% non-toxic and biodegradable products. Because we are conscious that the use of eco-friendly products promotes a better environment

 The products we offer to our customers are composed of 100% ingredients of vegetable and mineral origins. They are therefore neither dangerous nor synthetic. They can be used on all deep surfaces for scouring, dusting, detaching and much more! We are talking here about natural ingredients based on essential oils, 100% derived from plants and with a mineral base such as lemon, eucalyptus, rosemary or clove. Our household cleaning products are biodegradable and meet the standards of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Using green products in the workplace offers a variety of benefits, from improving productivity to saving the environment, but also saving money.

A healthy staff is more productive and innovative.

Companies all have an interest in choosing an eco-energy workplace. Those who support these practices live in healthier and often more comfortable places for employees. The use of environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that contain fewer chemicals could help reduce unwanted symptoms in employees with respiratory problems.

A light-emitting diode or compact fluorescent lighting combined with natural light saves energy and costs while reducing headaches and tired eyes. Other measures, such as improving ventilation and controlling sources of moisture and pollutants, can resolve a variety of health problems, including severe asthma, and ultimately reduce sick days. A healthy staff is a more productive and innovative staff.

An environmentally friendly cleaning product is not harmful to you or the environment

That’s why it’s important to choose your future green cleaning company like TAAB Cleaning Inc. By definition, an ecological cleaning product is not harmful. It is also non-polluting and avoids the release of phosphates into the water. Eco-friendly cleaning products preserve the environment through the use of renewable raw materials, recyclable packaging, biodegradable and low energy consumption.

Finally, whether for your home or your workspaces, opt for an ecological cleaning keeps you healthier, so do not hesitate to contact us at + 1-416-901-7090.

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Assiatou Diallo, CEO of TAAB Cleaning Inc.