Electrostatic Spraying: Easily Sanitize against COVID-19

Ensuring workspaces are safe for your employees and clients is essential nowadays. To do so, you need more than just cleaning; you need to thoroughly sanitize. Many options are available, but most of them are time-consuming or pretty expensive. However, TAAB Cleaning now provides a service that can do the job – and do it well – in less time. We are glad to offer electrostatic spraying! It is an effective and efficient way to sanitize commercial facilities of any kind – stores, offices, hotels, and more.

What is Electrostatic Spraying and How Does it Work

Electrostatic sprayers use positive and negative charges to make disinfecting solution electromagnetically stick to targeted surfaces. No matter which angle you disinfect a surface from, the charge created by the electrostatic sprayer makes the disinfectant wrap around and sanitize the entire surface. Coverage is therefore greatly increased, especially in high-touch areas (e.g. doorknobs, railings).

The disinfecting solution simply needs to be applied evenly and cover the entire surface. This process only takes about 15 minutes. With electrostatic spraying, covering surfaces is faster and uses less disinfectant than alternative applications that use the same solution. It has the ability to rapidly and evenly coat surfaces with comprehensive coverage. No space is left untouched.

Use it against COVID-19

The disinfecting solution used is an EPA-registered solution approved for use against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). To guarantee your safety, it kills the virus in only 30 seconds! Its rapid action makes it our most efficient sanitizing technique to date.

Electrostatic spraying disinfects and kills both COVID-19 and many other unwanted pathogens from every targeted surface. It also leaves a fresh and clean scent behind it. Your comfort is not compromised. In short, it's fast, effective, safe, and budget-friendly. For that reason, your peace of mind and satisfaction are guaranteed.

Where can it be used

Electrostatic spraying can be used everywhere! With this technology, you can ensure the safety of any public spaces such as lobbies, offices, meeting rooms, restrooms, fitness centers, etc. The disinfecting solution reaches even the most difficult to reach areas. High-touch surfaces – like tables and desks, door handles, faucets, or railings – are therefore successfully sanitized. This thorough and easy application process makes it a perfect tool to sanitize workspaces and commercial facilities.

Thanks to electrostatic spraying, TAAB cleaning ensures your employees and customers' safety. In about 15 minutes, your workspace is sanitized and ready for a new and safe day of work! Note, however, that electrostatic spraying does not replace regular cleaning procedures. It should not be in place of, but be in addition to manual cleaning. Just like your usual cleaning procedures, electrostatic spraying should be done on a daily basis.

Key Benefits

  • Efficient and safe technology
  • Fast and comprehensive application
  • Kills COVID-19
  • Peace of mind guaranteed
  • TAAB Cleaning's superior quality and impeccable results
  • The flexibility of TAAB Cleaning's schedule

Electrostatic spraying is a powerful application method. When the right solution and equipment are paired with a productive and caring team like TAAB cleaning, your sanitizing process becomes easy as can be. Our dedicated team is professional and accommodating. We're happy to help ensure clean and healthy environments.

Why choose TAAB Cleaning

Our team is trained to use specialized equipment, such as electrostatic sprayers. We are experts in our field, and proudly so! Our expertise in commercial cleaning combined with this new technology allows us to effectively and safely disinfect more square feet in less time. We are efficient and competent.

TAAB Cleaning is a high-quality eco-friendly cleaning service. We are well-known for our fair prices and flexible scheduling. For us, there's no such thing as after hours. We offer a variety of commercial cleaning services in the Greater Toronto Area. With TAAB Cleaning, your satisfaction is guaranteed. We truly wish to make a difference, not just in how well we clean and sanitize, but with the positive attitude, we bring to work everyday.

Don't overlook your retail stores, hotel, gym, or workspace disinfection; your safety and your customers' safety are at stake. Be sure to eliminate COVID-19 and other viruses with electrostatic spraying. TAAB Cleaning's professional team is well equipped and fully trained to help you take care of your sanitizing process. Heartfelt cleaning and disinfection are what we do best because we deeply care about our clients' well-being and satisfaction. To learn more about electrostatic spraying or about TAAB Cleaning, contact us or get a free quote and find out how we can help.

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