Lately, our environment has received a lot of attention. Not only intellectuals but even the ordinary men and women are becoming aware of the need to have a clean environment. With the prevailing sanitary crisis that has hit the entire globe, cleaning and associated services have become an essential function for survival. The cleaning industry has seen the growing need for more performant and efficient tools and products to combat the existing germs and viruses.

What makes us different?

Commercial Cleaning Services Toronto – TAAB Cleaning Inc is stepping up the game through quality service delivery. This is ensured using the most efficient application that facilitates on real time the daily management of cleaning agents on the multiply sites, thus permitting our clients to focus on what they enjoy doing to grow their various brands.

This powerful mobile app ensures;

  • Cleaner scheduling
  • Time tracking
  • Instructions and check list
  • Client messaging
  • Enhance statistics.
  • Inspections
  • Mood reporting
  • Problem reporting
  • Report and metrics

Additionally, the cleaning products we use on all our sites are not only eco-friendly but have also been approved by the Ministry of Health of Canada Hard-surface disinfectants and hand sanitizers (COVID-19): List of disinfectants with evidence for use against COVID-19 – Canada.ca and can be utilised on any surface and environment without fear of damages or intoxication.

Our Services?

We offer a range of services in various sectors notably; Gym & Fitness Centers ; Housekeeping & Hotel Cleaning; Commercial Kitchen & Restaurant Cleaning ; School & Daycare Center Cleaning ; Office Cleaning ; Post Renovation Cleaning Religious Buildings & Church Cleaning ; Retail Store Cleaning.

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