Office Cleaning Services

Why Office Cleaning Services with TAAB Cleaning?

TAAB Cleaning is your best ally for neatness in your office. We are experienced office cleaners with experience in commercial office cleaning. Our wide range of office cleaning services include steam cleaning, floor waxing, duct cleaning, and more! Let TAAB clean your carpets, glass doors, restrooms, or cafeteria. Try TAAB’s commercial office cleaning services and enjoy excellent quality service at a fair price.

We make sure your office becomes a haven of wellness as we use eco-friendly products for your employees to breathe pure air free of any hazardous chemicals.

When one first encounters a company, they get their very first impression from the overall cleanliness of your premises. Shiny tiles, neat glass doors, non-greasy door handles, or sparkling clean meeting rooms are a must when it comes to office display. Office cleaning done the TAAB way will make your corporate brand even brighter.

Give your employees, customers, and partners spotless premises to work in multiple hours a day. TAAB Cleaning is here to help you keep an excellent reputation! Entrust your office building cleaning to TAAB’s team of professionals, and enjoy impeccable cleanliness!

We understand the importance of cleanliness in an organization’s culture. That’s why TAAB Cleaning is here to help you maintain your facilities with professional office cleaning services. We offer superior quality service at affordable rates. TAAB Cleaning always adapts to your budget and we deliver on time.

Let our professional and friendly personnel do the cleaning chores for you. Our office building cleaning services include duct cleaning, kitchen cleaning, warehouse cleaning so that every corner of your organization breathes superior cleanliness.

Our Commercial Cleaning Packages

Small businesses / facilities
  • Less than 5000 sq. ft
  • 1-2 times per week
  • Cleaning supplies and equipment included or in option
Medium businesses / facilities
  • Between 5000 – 10 000 sq. ft
  • 3-4 times per week
  • Cleaning supplies and equipment included or in option
Large businesses / facilities
  • Larger than 10 000 sq. ft
  • 5-7 times per week
  • Cleaning supplies and equipment included or in option

Not sure which package is right for your business? Fill out the online quote or contact us today!

Our Office Cleaning Service include

Carpet Cleaning
Carpet cleaning
Floor cleaning
Window Cleaning
windows cleaning
Sanitization of bathrooms & kitchens

Looking for a commercial office cleaning company? Search no more as TAAB Cleaning is a nice team of professionals that put their hearts in what they do. Heartfelt cleaning is what we do better, as we care about our clients well-being.

That’s why we use efficient eco-friendly products that get rid of the germs while preserving the environment. Your employees, partners or customers will greatly appreciate that green touch of yours. That’s the TAAB advantage: personalized quality service at a fair price. Why wait? Try TAAB’s professional office cleaning today!

why choose US?

Partner with TAAB Cleaning as your trusted office cleaning company. Get excellent commercial office cleaning services by our well-equipped team.

We clean everything from windows to carpets, floors, ducts, drains, and much more! Just name it, and we’ll clean it! Enjoy first class quality service, and superior cleanness by TAAB Cleaning!

Eco Friendly Service
Over 10+ Years of Industry experience
100% customer satisfaction
High quality professional Services
Competitive pricing
Flexible Scheduling

industries services

Gym & Fitness Cleaning
Gym & Fitness Cleaning
Hotel Cleaning
Hotel Cleaning
Restaurant & Commercial Kitchen Cleaning
Restaurant Cleaning
Schools & Daycare Cleaning
Schools & Day Care Cleaning
Office Cleaning
Office Cleaning
Post Renovation Cleaning
Post-Renovation Cleaning
Religious Building & Church Cleaning
Church Cleaning
Retail Store Cleaning
Retail Cleaning