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Welcome to TAAB Cleaning Inc. A residential and commercial cleaning company based in the Greater Toronto Area.
As a specialist we are conscious that cleanliness is an important criterion- even determinant- in any field. It has immediate consequences on the company’s reputation from the employee’s productivity to our own and others’ welfare.

TAAB Cleaning Inc. offers innovative solutions for your different needs at a low price. Whether you are a company or an individual, our trained professionals will offer the utmost care and professionalism to bring that sparkle and beauty to your space. All our equipment is highly specialized, making us perfect for any project or circumstance!

Our company
Our company

Customer Focus

At TAAB Cleaning Inc. we always put the customer first. All our customers are different that’s why we always tailor our services to suit your place and preferences. At TAAB Cleaning Inc. we love feedback and listening to our customers. This is why we encourage them to interact with us and let us know if they see improvement possibilities or make special requests. Because “Your satisfaction is our Motivation.

Taab Cleaning Inc. Green Cleaning Program; Yes, it is everyone’s business!

As a resolute defender of the environment we are dedicated to protect it while ensuring health and well-being of our employees, customers and their surroundings.
As our green logo we use green cleaning products, which are 100% non-toxic and biodegradable. We are also setting up a waste management policy, for professional and personal use, for the recovery of waste. Because we are conscious that the use of eco-responsible products promotes a better environment.

Our company
Our company

Cleaning Service Guarantee

TAAB Cleaning Inc. is so confident in its abilities to offer the best service that we are offering a service guarantee to our customers!

“If your request has not been handled adequately during the next service day, you get the service for free.”

TAAB Cleaning Inc. is the only one to offer what the competition will not and cannot! Because your trust is our responsibility!


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