Our Coop

Our Coop TAAB Community Care

Was formed after realization of the challenges and problems the senior population face in our community.

Some of these challenges were/are brought about mostly due the ageing population, some of whom came to Canada after having attained the age 40+ years and had not saved enough money for descent retirement, to be able to access very crucial services to be able to live meaningful and purposeful lives

TAAB Community Care will work collaboratively with non-profit organizations to assure the best possible outcome of projects

To help seniors and single mothers through community engagement live meaningful and purposeful lives.

To offer free to low-priced services to less fortunate members in our society.


  • Openness and Transparency
  • Honesty& Integrity
  • Respectful of Donors
  • Replicable
  • Creativity


  • Cleaning and laundry and companionship for the elderly
  • Housekeeping services to those who get an illness like cancer
  • Baby-sitting & Child care for single mothers and assist children with homework
  • Food Delivery-Ready prepared food and grocery shopping
  • Community cleaning services
  • Cleaning services, doctor’s appointment