Born in Guinea, a small country in West Africa, Assiatou Diallo was one of 11 children born into a large polygamous family. She was the last and only girl born with six brothers from her father’s side and the second born of four children (two girls and two boys) on her mother’s side. She never knew her father, who died when Assiatou was 9 months old. Her early life was difficult and she found work in a nearby gas station to support herself while going to school.

Assiatou, now President and C.E.O. of TAAB Cleaning Inc., has drawn on courage and a keen business sense to get where she is today as a mother and entrepreneur. And her experiences could fill several lifetimes. Assiatou inspires both aspiring and established entrepreneurs, her team at TAAB and her company’s residential and commercial customers.

TAAB’s customer focus is supported by the firm’s Green Cleaning Program, which includes the use of green cleaning products – all
100% non-toxic and biodegradable.

Assiatou learned long ago that the quality of any relationship – business or personal – rests on acknowledging the other person’s goals. As a result, “At TAAB Cleaning Inc. we always put the customer first. Each customer is different and so we always tailor our services to suit their surroundings and preferences.” She adds, “We encourage our customers to let us know where they see room for improvement or have special requests. Our philosophy is, “Your satisfaction is our motivation.”

Her hiring policies at TAAB Cleaning Inc. reflect Assiatou’s commitment to the emancipation and financial independence of women and specifically those who are new to Canada or victims of domestic and family violence. She is dedicated to helping others and
deeply involved in her community. In 2013, she was recognized by the YWCA for her success and volunteerism and delivered a keynote speech at the YWCA Women of Distinctions Awards. Her theme was positivity and incredible perseverance.
She says, “My vision of entrepreneurship is to inspire others." As the driving force behind TAAB Cleaning Inc., now approaching its third year in business, she is living her dream – and empowering others to do the same.

Assiatou serves on the following boards:
Alliance Économique francophone du Canada
Fondation franco-ontarienne

She is an active member of:
Canadian Small Business Women
Immigrant Women in Business and:
Women's Executive Network

"Assiatou Diallo is one of those people whose trajectory forces your admiration. If today she enjoys with complete delight the successes that are her own, it is because she has experienced the worst. After leaving a shelter, she is now on the list of 100 Black Women toFollow During 2017." - CHOQ FM Radio

Who is Assiatou